John dela Cruz

Armscor Shooting Center, Inc. guns and ammo web design
Job Position / Title: 
Chief Operating Officer
Company or Affiliation: 

i-Build.PH Web Solutions and Services helped us create, develop and establish our official company website and even our e-mail service. Since its launching, the structure, appearance and emergent traffic were enough to assure us that I-Build can capably help us grow our virtual and online presence.

Undoubtedly, i-Build.PH’s commitment remains very consistent today. They remain responsive to our needs, always eager to deliver sound technical advice and quality service. Personally, Jerome’s simplistic, friendly yet straightforward approach to doing business exudes a remarkable degree of professionalism and technical competence. So much so that I consider ourselves very fortunate to count Jerome and I-Build among our partners in securing ARMSCOR SHOOTING CENTER INCORPORATED’s e-commerce objectives in the future.