How to optimize and rank your Drupal website for Google and other search engines: a training webinar

The Speed, Wonder, Mystery, and Awesomeness of Drupal SEO unveiled

How to optimize your Drupal website for search engines?

To optimize your Drupal website in Google and other search engines, we shall cover the following topics essential to any SEO efforts when working with either D8 or D9:

  • SEO modules for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9
  • Drupal and Google Analytics
  • Drupal and Google Tag Manager
  • Sitemaps
  • Meta Tags and Open Graph (OG) Tags
  • Performance (Speed and Loading)
  • Other Drupal On-Page SEO factors
  • Submitting your Drupal Website to Google Search
  • Submitting your Drupal Website to Bing Search
  • Site Audit, Performance, and Monitoring Tools

Is Drupal good for SEO?

Definitely! While the learning curve to set-up, design and develop a Drupal website may require some steeper learning curve as compared to other CMS like WordPress and other similar site-building platforms, you will definitely preview the significant advantages of Drupal SEO thru this webinar.

Drupal SEO for 2021 and onwards

The past year of 2020, especially the last quarter, has seen major algorithm updates from Google search, while early 2021 has seen similar and volatile trends and updates however minor. This Drupal SEO webinar will be a discussion forum and will serve as a quick, useful guide and checklist for optimizing your Drupal website for search engines for the year 2021 and moving onwards.

From on-page SEO (Meta and OG Tags, HTML, CSS, and JS), SEO copy-writing, post-deployment Google Core Web Vitals, Google Analytics 4, all the way to performance and monitoring, we’ll cover the essentials.

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