Project Description

Energy Efficiency Day 2023 is the third edition of PE2’s annual event to engage a whole-of-society response toward mainstreaming energy efficiency as the economy’s first fuel. This year’s on-site event features CEOs and international partners to inspire scale-up of energy efficiency initiatives, driven not only by Republic Act 11285, but also by aspirations toward a net-zero and decarbonized energy future.

For Energy Efficiency Day 2023, our services included web design and development, SEO, and web hosting. We created a dedicated webpage on their site with an interactive form and event details for participants. By implementing effective SEO strategies, we ensured the page had high visibility in search engine rankings, attracting a broader audience. Additionally, our reliable web hosting services ensured the page remained accessible and secure throughout the event. The user-friendly and informative webpage streamlined participant registration, boosted engagement, and contributed to the success of Energy Efficiency Day 2023.

Project Details

PE2 Energy Efficiency Day 2023


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